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Tóth Ferenc Winery

Egri Borvár - Tóth Ferenc Winery can be bravely called family winery, as through generations, old and young members of the winemaker family work every day obsessed to bring forward the good reputation of the winery and the wines of Eger.

From enologist Tóth Ferenc, in Eger, all kinds of things come to our mind: fanatic enologist, the ambassador of kadarka grape, monger of the wine called "Várvédő" - the protector of Eger Castle- and the owner of many dignified awards and prizes. In recognition of his work, he was elected in 2013 "Winemaker of the Year in Eger 2012". He has been married his wife for 50 years who gives strength and help for the everyday life. They set out their journey to the world of grape and wine together and built up the family estate.

Enologist Tóth Ferenc: three generations

Their daughter, Katalin, actively joins the life of the estate. Her areas are sales, wine tourism and marketing. Family Tóth believes, one day the key of the cellar will be given to one of their grandchildren.

All visitors come to Egri Borvár can choose the most suitable wine tasting from our wide offer however we adjust special requests.