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Egri Borvár Tóth Ferenc Pincészete
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Viticulture and wine making in Eger Wine Region

Viticulture and wine making in Eger Wine Region

Viticulture and wine making in Eger Wine Region possesses centuries - old and deep - rooted tradition. Currently, the winery has a vineyard of 20 hectares, all along the best production sites of the wine region: Vineyards Áfrika, Almagyar, and Marinka, as well as the Síkhegy, Galagonyás, and Tihamér vineyards. Our winery is characterized by a wide range of grape varieties: egri leányka, királyleányka, kékfrankos, kadarka, pinot noir, cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon and merlot.

Wine production in Eger

Our most important wine making aim is to keep the traditional "Egri" taste by using the most modern technologies alloyed with traditional wine making.

Grape processing is made by traditional and reductive technologies. Most of our white wines are made by controlled fermentation in stainless steel tanks. Our red wines are racked after maceration and aged in oak barrels for 1,5 - 2 years. Only at least 6 months bottle aging start selling our red wines.

The new cellar

In 2006 the family decided to place the operation of the winery into another dimension after the basis of frank, hard however " industrialist charactered" work of decades without compromise. Decision was followed by the action and we started to enlarge our winery in Kistályai street. 4 new cellar tunnels got carved into rhyolite tuff, each 50 m long, to set up a unique cellar system for aging and storing wines. This is more than 5 cellar tunnels: a 1100 m2 miracle in the inside of the hill. What makes it real unique is the aesthetical experience: Inside the tunnel there are no built domes, no covering floor, just the tunnels and the weight of the hill.

Kistályai street. 4 new cellar tunnels

Wines are made more demanding, high standards thanks to the complete technical renewal. The work of Tóth Ferenc and his team is supported by new barrels, stainless steel tanks and the most modern tools.